Guduchi and Cancer


The botanical name of Guduchi is Tinospora cordifolia, which is mostly grown in tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. This plant is a climbing shurb growing in deciduous and dry forests. The leaves of the plant are heart shaped. The thickness of the stem is generally about 1 cm in diameter but sometimes it can be as thick as 6 cm. It is a Ayurvedic herb, which is useful in many ayurvedic medicines even for cancer. It is a very ancient herb and are found even in Vedas. In Guduchi most used part is stem. The roots of plant is very thin and strong, which is also used for surgical wounds. It has the best property of wound healing very quickly.

Guduchi has all the properties of amritam. It is the best rasayana for restoring the body and to get rid of deep rooted imbalances. The very surprising reality regarding the plant is that, it can grow without any soil or water.

1. Guduchi helps to get rid of renal calculi and reduces blood urea level.
2. The root of Guduchi is a strong emetic and used for bowel obstruction.
3. Guduchi is also used to treat the chronic diseases like cancer with its cancer killing properties.
4. Guduchi controls that fast increase of sugar levels in the body and helps to balance diabetes.
5. The roots of Guduchi are used to control cholesterol.
6. Guduchi also helps to regenarate the damaged liver tissues.
7. Guduchi has potent wound healing property.
8. To boost up the immune system, Guduchi is very much useful.
9. Guduchi can cure chronic skin irritations.
10. Guduchi helps in reducing drying mouth and joint pains.

Guduchi For Cancer
The wonder herb Guduchi is popularly known as the “Amrit” or “Nectar”. In number of researches conducted, it’s confirmed that this herb is useful in controlling diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, various allergies, stress and malarial fevers. Some of the practitioners also claimed that, it has natural healing properties that control the growth of cancer cells. The duration of treating cancer will be from one month to six months. The cancer cells when exposed to the extracts of herb, their number slowly drops. Thus Guduchi is the possible approach for treating cancer.


A standardized extract from Tinospora known as Tinofend has been studied clinically. In one study of 75 patients, who are suffering from allergic rhinitis that is hay fever, has reduced in their symptoms. A combination of Guduchi extract and turmeric extract is very effective in reducing the hepatotoxicity which is induced by the combination of isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide and ethambutol for treating tuberculosis. A study reported that, Guduchi has been active against throat cancer in man and it has been reported to be non-toxic with almost no side effects. It is also said that the stem extracts of this herb have shown hopeful response in cultured human cancer cells, where various extracts of guduchi were found to reduce cell survival in a dose dependent manner.

How to Use
Guduchi is usually available in powdered form and the normal dosage for immune enhancement is one teaspoon twice a day. For chronic diseases like cancer it can be taken on an ongoing basis. To fight against infections like cold or flu, it can be taken for a week.

Even though Guduchi is known as life giving herb, some care is to be taken while using it. When a detoxifying herb like guduchi is given to a person with an overload of toxins in the liver, or in other deep tissues of the body, it can create a detox crisis. That means the old toxins will come out of the tissues and may be too much for the body to eliminate. It is not recommended for people with liver and kidney problems, pregnant women and small children.

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