Achievements/Team work

The famous cancer and Aids specialist Dr. Yeshi Dhonden has achieved a lot in his profession. In the mid 70′s, he was invited to the University of Virginia for the purpose of lecturing about Tibetan Medicine. Sitting in on the series, one of the university’s research professors was so impressed upon hearing his lecture and asked Dr. Yeshi to join him in conducting a laboratory study using Tibetan Medicine to treat mice with sarcoma. The fact that the information they discovered through this study could help a multitude of people encouraged him to proceed.

Dr. Lobsang Tenzin, working for years with Dr. Dhonden as a Tibetan pharmacologist and Professor Jeffery Hopkins, translator, completed the Tibetan team. The outcome was big. It showed that the response of the mice to the Tibetan formulas was equal to chemotherapy and appeared to be without side effects. The outcome of the study proved to be non – toxic.

After their team achievement of Tibetan Medicine on mice, the research have continued the humans. Their primary goal was to prove that these Tibetan formulas were safe and non toxic. Even though the study was small the team worked endlessly. Finally the outcome is positive and now from over last 50 years, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden by using this Traditional Tibetan Medicine is treating several patients, who are suffering from stomach cancer, breast cancer, aids, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis and many more.

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